We're a level 25 raiding guild on the Outland EU realm, focused on heroic 10man content. We raid 4 nights a week (Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon) for 3 hours a night (20:00 to 23:00 realm time).


We're Recruiting!

We're looking for dedicated people who know their class inside and out. Gear and experience in current content is a bonus, but not a necessity if you're awesome.


Click HERE to apply!

What we expect of you:

  • Come to an average of 3 raids per week
  • Use the best spec, enchants, gems and glyphs for raiding
  • Improve yourself by researching your class and fights
  • Able to take criticism

What we provide:

  • A stable raiding environment
  • Repairs using the guild bank
  • Guild bank full of flasks, food and potions (and more...)
  • Flask cauldrons & feasts during raids
  • Friends & family social invites, so you can bring your non raiding friends with you
  • Guild Level 25 with all the perks


Guild History...

Insight has been raiding since vanilla.

CATA: BWD 4/6 HC - BOT 3/5 HC - TotFW 2/2 - FL 6/7 HC
WOTLK: ICC25 11/12 HC - ICC10 12/12 HC - Ulduar25 14/14
TBC: MH 5/5 - BT 9/9 - SWP 2/6 (all before the 3.0 health nerf)
Vanilla: All the usual suspects + Some NAXX

Basically we've been around a while.


In-game Contact...

Officers are: Gunwalker, Minmatar, Monk, Stársight.